Automate your interims with CaseWare Africa's Interim Financial Statement template.

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Automation is one of the key strategies driving financial reporting because it reduces manual intervention and makes the process both more streamlined and accurate.

Our new template will enable you to the import data seamlessly for multiple periods, prepare IAS 34 compliant Interim condensed Financial Statements, create explanatory notes as required by the IAS 34 Standard, as well as easily including JSE and NSE specific requirements and market trends.




IAS 34 compliant, inlcuding JSE and NSE requirements with functionality to add and tailor material notes.


Automated solution that integrates with our IFRS template

Consistency & Efficiency

Increase consistency and efficiency across your entity by simplifying the financial reporting process


Data Consistency

Decrease the risk of errors significantly as the same data is used to prepare the Interim as well as the Annual Financial Statements

Flexible Periods

The template can be adjusted to produce Semi- Annual; Quarterly; Bi-Monthly and Monthly Financial Statements.