Client Collaboration

Request tax return supporting information and documents, using built-in queries, directly from taxpayers within the app.

Seamless Data Integration

Automatically prepopulate tax returns with SARS data and taxpayer supplied query response information.

Deadline Management

Never miss a deadline by easily tracking and monitoring all provisional and annual return progress and statuses.

Tax Management

Manage a single copy of taxpayer details, revisions, collateral and correspondence in a single centralised platform.


Firm Template Configuration

Configure a firm-specific template that is bespoke to the needs of the organization and drives consistency across engagements.

Built-in Consolidation

Aggregate many trial balances from various General Ledger Systems to simplify group reporting in a central platform.

Built-in Roll-forward

Increase efficiency by leveraging extensive built-in logic to roll-forward selected information related to the client.

Mapping and Lead Sheets

Automate reports and lead sheet schedules with simplified account assignments to reporting categories.

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