CaseWare IDEA®

Our mission is to raise efficiency with our cloud-based solutions and streamline every audit with advanced audit optimisation where data analytics become part of every engagement.

As an external auditor, making sense of your client’s data can be challenging and time-consuming. CaseWare IDEA® is the trusted tool for external audit data analysis and an industry leader for over 25 years for audit firms of all sizes. With CaseWare IDEA®, you can easily import, display, analyse, manipulate, sample and test data to significantly streamline your audits.

Import, Sample, Test… In minutes.

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Connect & Consolidate

Import information seamlessly and easily from almost any data source in almost any format.

Source Data Protection

Protect source data integrity with read-only access to all imported data-sets.

Deliver Key Insights

Use over 100 audit functions for a robust analysis, including ageing, duplication detection and Benford’s Law.

Risk-based Sample Model

Apply a risk based sample model using systemic, random or monetary unit techniques and prioritise areas with elevated risks.


Built-in Workflows

Execute a full suite of analytical tests for Financial audits with the SmartAnalyzer FinApp.

Explore & Visualise

Pinpoint patterns, trends and outliers visually based on the outcomes of tests to focus audit efforts.

Record Every Step

Follow a clear built-in audit trail that allows for repeatable analysis and audit evidence.

Advanced Analysis Using Python

Incorporate advanced analytics in the analysis process with Python scripting support.